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Originally Posted by Vexir View Post
Hey guys, new here. Registered to pick all your brains and see if you can suggest some bands / albums / songs that exhibit a similar sound to LP's Minutes to Midnight album. Didn't like it at first, as is common, then started loving it and now I don't know where to find more. Help!
Dunno man I really don't like Linkin Park, I don't think I have heard any of their "Minutes to Midnight" album. Out of all NU metal all I can say that I dig are SOAD, but I am sure you have heard them so I won't recommend them to ya. All I can say is to check out maybe:

1) HELMET - "Meantime"
2) FAITH NO MORE - "Angle Dust"
3) FEAR FACTORY - "Soul of a New Machine"
4) FUDGE TUNNEL - "Hate Songs in E Minor"

thats about as close as I can go without recommending you some utter crap.
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