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Punk was a good thing ... at first.

Take a bunch of art school drop outs who can hardly play and get them ranting about the establishment , and then when you get bored of doing that move on and do something else. Anyone who was actually creative in the punk scene got bored of it after a couple of years and it died just as quickly as it started.

But not in America

Somewhere along the line America took all the originality out of punk and have been flogging this dead horse since about 1982. A few bands got it and actually did something original. Most didn't. Somehow the 'DIY ethic' went from meaning 'do something orginal' to 'release your ****ty 3 chord thrash on some obscure record label you started yourself and call anyone making more money than you a fake '. And there's the rules that seem to have added to it. Which I find extremely funny considering punk was supposed to be about anarchy & nihilism. Endless bleating on about 'selling out' even though the Pistols openly admitted they were in it for the money. As soon as you added a 4th chord these idiots would whinge & bleat about it. And don't even get me started on straight edge , one of the dumbest things ever to be associated with any genre of music , let alone one that is SUPPOSED to be offensive & dangerous.
And then there's skateboards. What the fuck have skateboards got to do with anything? Skatepunk? Give me a fucking break why not have space-hopper punk while you're at it.

Thank you America for taking all the fun out of something that should have died decades ago.

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