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I don't hate classic rock. I'd be a hypocrite if I said I did. How can I when I listen to bands like Sabbath , Aerosmith , Alice Cooper , Deep Purple and others on a regular basis.


There are a certain bunch of people who seem to think music died in 1990s. That nothing since can even touch what was around in the 70s. The sort of people who consider Guns & Roses and Nirvana the last 'good bands' to come out.

I mean how depressing must it be if you are a fan of music and your list of favourite albums looks like this

1. Pet Sounds
2. Sgt Pepper
3. Dark Side Of The Moon
4. IV
5. Tommy

I mean by all means enjoy those albums if you do but just bear in mind that if you can't even bring yourself to call an album that has sold less than 10 million copies one of your favourites then i'm not going to take you seriously.

The same sort of people who moan all todays music sucks and complain about there being nothing good on the radio or TV but don't bother looking anywhere else.
The sort of people who deride hip-hop because it doesn't have 'real musicians'
The sort of people who hate electronica because 'there's no emotion in pushing buttons'

Basically people who have buried their head in the sand who clutch their copies of Led Zeppelin II close to their chests complaining that music isn't as good as it was back then.

I'm in my 30s , so is Jackhammer , so is R-T we're always looking for new things to enjoy. I might be more cynical and harder to impress than when I was when I was 20/21 but the enthusiasm is there. There's just no excuse for not making any effort to look if you consider yourself a fan of music.

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