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83 : VINYL

There seems to be a new found love-fest for all things vinyl over the past couple of year.

Count me out please.

Frankly I was glad to see the back of it. When I first started working part time as a kid in the late 80s CD's cost double , sometimes almost triple what it cost to buy the same album on vinyl , so naturally with my minimal part time schoolboy wages buying CDs wasn't an option. I could have bought cassettes but they got lost & chewed up easily so vinyl I was forced with for a few years. They were big , bulky , impractical and sounded like shit after a few months of being exposed to a teenaged me.
As far as I was concerned getting my first CD player (In 1991) couldn't come quick enough and when I did all my vinyl was quickly shut away in my parents shed where it remained for the next 16 years untouched before being thrown away. That's just how much I missed it.
Music should be heard and quite honestly i'd take CDs or MP3s over vinyl anyday. I don't buy this argument that somehow buying a vinyl copy makes it more authentic. I want music in a format where I can listen to it with ease whenever I please , I don't buy it to make it look pretty sitting on a shelf.
It's been said that vinyl has a superior sound quality than a CD. Well , I've been having my eardrums assaulted by Motorhead since the age of 5 , it makes absolutley no difference to me whatsoever.
Vinyl - Nice to look at , but for me totally useless and outdated.

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