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I LOVE Bukowski. My favorite author/poet laureate of skid row of all time . Adore his short stories - Tales of Ordinary Madness & The Most Beautiful Woman in Town are fantastic. The novels... well, I don't have words for those. Just such a REAL guy with a REAL and loud, and brutally honest voice in a world full of such bull****. <3

Didn't like Dillion in Factotum... see, they portray Buk there by hinting at a "scum of the earth" mentality. But Buk thought he was great. He was the "best loser he could be." I much prefered Rourke's version of Buk in Barfly. One of my favorite movies, actually. Buk actually had a wee cameo in one of the scenes in the bar, he'd be the German guy with the mostly-empty bottle .

What's even better is... ha, I am no more in posession of any of his books because, I lent them all to drunks.

... Stalin had a FANTASTIC moustache.

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