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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
Figure it all out then do the reviews. Top 100 is haaard, I go back and already regret some of the placements in the 60-100 range... for example... I would put Hum a little higher now, I'd move Tribe back a little, but that's just how I feel SOMETIMES. I feel like I have to give myself some trust... sometimes I look at my already created 100 and have to stop myself from changing it... it's ... not easy. And it's going to be weird for my top ten, my #1 is going to blow you all away, but I fear like it won't be in the good way. It is easily not better in terms of music quality than most of these albums you've seen. Just hard... you don't wanna disappoint after all of this work.
At the end of the day it's your personal list, if people are 'disappointed' then they've probably misinterpreted this.

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