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Originally Posted by jgd85
Hispanics are not a 'violent breed of living things', certainly not comparable to pit bulls. I don't even really think this conversation needs to go any further, if you cant see the difference I pity you. I think I will do you a favor and stop now. Have a good evening.
because you know your wrong? whether you agree with it or not, it makes complete sense why people would want to ban them. it is totally justified, as mentioned before it has already been done in some places. because you obviously disagree you just compare it to something completly unrelated and pointless, Mexicans eating children to trucks (wtf?). once you realized how stupid your comparison was you try to save grace by saying "Seriously though, quit trying to throw in stupid **** suggesting that banning mexicans, humans, or trucks is the same as banning a certain breed of violent dogs. " . then i provided you with an exact example of such a case and 'I think I will do you a favor and stop now.'. sounds like your just unwilling to accept the fact that you were WRONG.

wearing seat belts only saves someones life once in a blue moon, guess what.... they made it a law!
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