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62 : The Other 3 Blokes In Coldplay


As much as I can't stand Coldplay you can't dispute their popularity. Their albums are some of the most eagerly awaited records this century.

I mean the singers done alright for himself , A hollywood wife , endless media interest , tons of charity work , cameos in TV shows he's got the lot , he's living the rock n roll lifestyle , even if their music is about as rock n roll as your average Roger Whittaker album.
The last I checked the records had COLDPLAY written on them , not The Chris Martin Band or Chris Martin the solo project. To be so in such a band and to remain so anonymous is astonishing , you'd have to be REALLY fucking boring to be able to pull that one off. I mean John Deacon in Queen was the boring one in that band but at least you knew the guy's name. I don't have a clue what the names of these three guys are. If someone came up to me and asked who John Deacon was i'd say without batting an eyelid 'oh he's the bass player in Queen'. If the drummer in Coldplay's mum came up to me and said (As I have no idea what his name is we'll call him Jeff Smith for the sake of argument) 'Do you know who Jeff Smith is' I wouldn't have a fucking clue.

So come on you three , stop being so dull and make yourselves known.
Get caught snorting coke off a porn actress's tits in the toilets of an award ceremony.
Trash a few hotel rooms
Punch out Martin's wife after a 4 day drinking binge
Dump a supermodel by text
Call Liam Gallagher a cunt in the press

Just DO something.

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