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Originally Posted by sweet_nothing View Post
Since we are on the subject of Guitar Hero
God-fearing version of Guitar Hero launched | News | NME.COM
Now all you Christians can rock out without the fear of going to hell!

they actually got a Guitar Hero AEROSMITH to sell? that's incredible!! that means they can cash in on literally every single classic rock band! Guitar Hero ALICE IN CHAINS edition! Guitar Hero KISS edition! Guitar Hero LED ZEPPELIN edition! EVERY! SINGLE! ONE!!!!

Christian-rock?!?! how about a Marilyn Manson Guitar Hero to balance it out? perfect! then we can invent Muslim Terrorist Guitar Hero! GROUNDBREAKING!!!!

and they'll make MONEY off of ALL of it! they can continue their roman numeral saga with 3 coming out every year, while at the same time releasing a Guitar Hero for every band, every era, every GENRE!!! and charge every single one for 50 bucks!!!

that's it, i absolutely hate this world now. if a company can make billions with something as simple as this sh*t, then seriously i have no reason anymore for "originality" or "effort". i give up.
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