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Default 100 Things That Piss Me Off About Video Games

Yeah, this is a ripoff of Urbans music thread, but this is for something different.

Music and video games are tied for my most time consuming pastime. I'm a retro gamer. The arcade, NES, Atari, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, N64, even more obscure platforms like the Master System, MSX and Commodore 64, I play them all.

I too am an angry video game nerd. So this is for all those lost years of childhood fustration.

This won't be in any order, except for number 1.

100: The fact these games didn't have the Konami code

Seriously. WTF. You remember the Konami code for the first Contra for NES right? Press up up down down left right left right B A at the menu screen and you get 30 lives, which is how many lives you should have in the first place, Contra was f*cking hard, especially when you're a kid. You die from one hit, and yet without the code you have 3 lives, going through levels where sh*t is constantly flying at you, bullets, bombs, flame throwers and traps from every direction. Are you f*cking kidding me? 3 lives and death from one hit? There aren't even any shields or anything, holy sh*t. Guys like Nintendo were very generous with their powerups, extra lives and continues but not Konami, Contra was for the hardcore, Contra was like "f*ck you, if you want to play you're gonna have to give it everything you got" and the sequels are no exception. Still, the first game had the damn code so us wimps could have a fighting chance.

So, now you have Contra III for the SNES and Contra Hard Corps for the Genesis and what the hell? NEITHER OF THEM HAVE THE CODE? F*CKING BULLSH*T. These games are even harder too, greater range of enemies and the bosses are insane. Hard Corps especially, so what the hell is this sh*t? Why do they decide to use the code for some Contra games but not all of them? Why the inconsistancy? Hell, didn't they take the time to think and consider that most gamers back then were you know, kids? Sure once you get older, all that trial and error makes these games easier, but when I was a kid, Konami haunted my dreams.
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