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99: Ridiculously overcomplicated combos and finishing moves for fighting games

Mortal Kombat is a great example, yeah, those fatalities are awesome, but being able to do them requires having a photographic memory so you can remember the ridiculously extended button sequences you have to do and you have to do them JUST RIGHT, like being at a certain distance.

I mean did it HAVE to be that complicated? I say no. People say it makes it more challenging, but what kind of challenge is that? When I play the game I don't want to stop what I'm f*cking doing so I can look up a damn manual so I can learn how to do the uppercut into a pit fatality. You'd think all you have to do is an uppercut after your enemy is ready for a fatality but no, you gotta do Hold Block (Back, Forward, Forward) Low Kick or Hold Block (Up, Up, Up) High Punch and a variety of overcomplicated combos just to do a f*cking uppercut into the pit, did I mention the button sequence is different for every character?

F*cking bullsh*t, that sh*t pisses me off, I mean how are you supposed to memorize all that? Especially when you're playing in the arcades like I did. It's total guesswork and fighting game moves shouldn't be SO damn complicated that you have to look it up. I hate people that not only tolerate this but even embrace it. It pisses me off further when idiots diss Super Smash Bros for being a "button masher". Why? Because you can actually DO all the damn moves without a f*cking notepad? Because you can actually HAVE FUN playing it because the controls are simple like they should be and you shouldn't have to try and memorize something like up down left block down right just to do a f*cking kick or something?

Don't get me wrong, I say this as a fan of traditional fighting games and Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter didn't make it too overcomplicated for one, but Virtua Fighter is another story. More than anything Soul Calibur and Smash Bros shows how it should really be done.
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