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Originally Posted by mojopinuk View Post
Don't know where to start with this thread. First of all I don't dislike Ozzy solo stuff at ALL. I've been known to defend it to those who hate it. I'm also big fans of Zakk Wylde and Randy Rhoads so I guess I must put everything into context in this thread.

Theres too much **** rock in Ozzy solo stuff. Dio is decent in his own right but what he did with Sabbath just doesnt match what they did with Ozzy. Tony Iommi is a better guitarist than Zakk Wydle and Randy Rhoads put together.

In my opinion this one isnt even close. Sabbath with Ozzy.
Can you honestly say that Tony is better? Zakk and Randy are two of the most skilful. Tony created anthemic songs (as did Zakk and Randy), but is he really more skilful on guitar?

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