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metallica: turn the page- Bob Segar Cover, and whiskey in the kar
Guns n roses- live and let die
Pantera- cat scratch fever ( which wasnt all that great)
this one might sound odd but i heard the Ataris do a cover of boys of summer and it was.........ok i guess...owe well im just namin the ones i know of
I'm a monster so don't walk my way.
I'll drag you down & suck you dry.
Don't laugh at my jokes- the punchline is murder.
Don't enjoy my touch, every caress hides a chokehold.
I'm only happy when I've ruined everything I see.
Believe everything you've ever heard about me- suck it up.
I will not lie about what I have done, I will not lie about what I will do to you, the sweat of
my exertion is pure poison, I'm hell..---Lamb of God
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