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Default The "Encoding CD's to MP3's" discussion thread

Not sure if a thread like this already exists.. if so, my apologies to the mods.

Basically I was wondering what everyone encoded their music collection with and at what rate. iTunes settings can be pretty complex (variable bitrate, smart encoding, frequency filters, etc...) has anybody played around with what works and what doesn't?.

I've heard that using iTunes to encode is a bad idea... a lot of people use the plugin "LAME". For anyone familiar with LAME, I just downloaded the script to run it with iTunes. I set it to the highest quality (320kbps) and the conversion (for one song) takes a lot longer then a 320 mp3 w/just itunes. Just wondering what exactly are the differences... is it just a more detailed conversion making it sound clearer? would it be worth my time to import my cd collection using LAME or should I just stick with iTunes alone?
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