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27 : The Massive Over-Hyping Of 'In The Aeroplane Over The Sea' And It's Ever Increasing Effect On Music Forums

You know somewhere at Pitchfork I think there are a couple of journos pissing themselves laughing.

We all know the indie hipster thing to do is to pretend you don't read it even though you blatantly do. And I think this was in their minds when they did this.

Basically they took some average unspectacular run of the mill mid 90s indie album , hyped it to fuck and sat back and watch as every indie kid on every music forum suddenly announced it's classic status.
You think i'm making this up? nobody gave a shit about this album before 2005. I saw a few people who were into this stuff saying good things about it but at least they were praising it in context , saying it was good for what it was. Not saying stuff like it being the 4th best album of the 90s (s******).

So if there are any Indie kids reading this thinking i'm talking out of my arse , first of all I don't care your not going to convince me this was ever thought of as a classic pre-2005 no matter how hard you try. Secondly if there are any other average unspectacular run of the mill mid 90s indie albums you have in mind for the 5th best album of the 90s let us know them now before Pitchfork gets there seeing as you have all this pre-knowledge of what's going to be hyped to fuck. As opposed to telling us after that you always thought it was good and Pitchfork hyping the crap out of it just moments before you saying that just happened to be one big coincidence.

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