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Default American football, baseball, basketball is crap

Lets face it, american football is not football at all.
Football is football played to feet with a ball.
American football is a tv advert break game so boring in every way played by men on steroids wearing more armour then medievil knights. Rugby players don't wear armour.
Baseball is in fact a girls game called rounders that the girls in the UK play while the boys go off to play proper football.
Basketball is just up one end score a basket....down the other end....score a basket..etc etc. The only interesting bit is the last ten seconds.
You never get real atmosphere like a great football matches either. You never get a real great atmosphere like when west ham beat man u at old taffford.
Like Homer says in the Simpsons when he aint drinking "I never realised how boring this game is."
And the Americans call one of their cups the world series when noone else plays there sports.
I put up for debate that American sports are just stupid.
That's why other then basketball noone plays them.
No atmosphere at all. Just eat food and get bored.
At football matches you get a real feeling that something may kick off.
You get a real end to end free flowing game.
You get constant stimulation.
I put it to you all in America that you should not even call it American football as football is football and your sports are just dull.
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