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10. Optomistic
Found this song a year and a half after getting Kid A. Made me appreciate alot more.
9. Black Star
A 'Bends' epic stadium song with an amazing chorus
8. Airbag
A great riff, especially the way it melds the guitar with cello.
7. Paranoid Android
First radiohead song I ever heard. I remember it getting radio airplay next to Korn and Kid rock, REALLY wierd in retrospect. I fell in love with the "rain down" section in 4th grade.
6. The National Anthem
Its so modern its post-modern. One of the sickest bass riffs ever.
5. Everything In Its Right Place
The first time I did mushrooms I had a bad trip, and this song came on getting more and more chaotic, I thought my head was going to explode, and then-the climax-the noise all goes away, leaving yhorke's (sp?) voice and the lone syth melody. brilliant.
4. Bones
Best song on The Bends. Sounds like generic 90's alt rock, but the melody is SO GOOD
3. Polyethylene (Pts 1 & 2)
Underrated OK Computer B-Side. This and "Palo Alto" should have made the album.
2. Pyramid Song
Depressing songs like this usually put me asleep, but the fact that this one does the opposite is proof of its brilliance.
1. No Suprises
Awesome melody, great lyrics, the glockenspiel rules.
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