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This progressive Rock/Metal band hail from Poland although singer/main songwriter Mariusz Duda sings in English. If you are a fan of Porcupine Tree and need a fix of something similar then Riverside are for you. While not as technically competent or eclectic as PT, they are a good solid band who rely on Duda's emotive voice rather than any particular band members superior musicianship. If for some reason you have never heard of Porcupine Tree, then fans of latter day Pink Floyd should like what they do.

1. Beyond The Eyelids
2. Rainbow Box
3. Out Of Myself
4. Conceiving You
5. Dna Ts. Rednum or F.Rag
6. Back To The River (checkout the blatant Pink Floyd rip in the final third)
7. Second Life Syndrome
8. Loose Heart
9. Artificial Smile
10. The Curtain Falls
11. Ultimate Trip
12. Before.

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Scott-any chance you can upload the DH comp to sendspace or MU? I can't do Mediafire for some reason and I want to listen to it!

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