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Default HIgh.....on ?????oooooooops nothing

Originally Posted by wolverinewolfweiselpigeon View Post
What are you on?
Sorry, I am on nothing, it;s good to help people, it's good for PR, it's also good to appear wacko and draw attention.
If you notice a lot of people here cussed and swore, but I never did.
Yet people became mad at me.
I kept my calm, but I didn't figure I'd still be on here talking, because at first I was insulted by the guy Right-Track.
I don't hate him, just didn't care for his insults.

But I am not Crazy either, not only did people cuss at me, one guy even posted on this thread may cost me my life, now that's a death threat.
But ask me if i care......?...but no I don't, he was being a jerk.

But I'll tell you this, you can love my music or hate my music, either way I make money.
Bye now GW
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