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Originally Posted by Rainard Jalen View Post
I've probably already said this at some point, but 'gangsta' and 'underground' are not contrastive terms: much of underground rap IS gangsta rap, and much of gansta rap is most definitely underground. Hence, the comparison is stupid beyond words.

Actually I'd go so far as to say that underground rap is almost exclusively 'gansta' at least in some sense or other. Those UG acts that are not gangsta are really the exception to the rule.

The question in that case is basically "what's better, rap or rap?"
I would definitely disagree with the statement that underground rap is almost exclusively 'gangsta.' DL incognito, atmosphere (when they could have been considered underground) sweatshop union (again, AGES ago when they would have been considered underground, grits, I could name more. All of them cover topics not at all related to living amongst gang wars, drugs, and guns.
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