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Iggy & The Stooges
"Raw Power"(1973)

By 2006 I had outgrown metal. Although it was one of my genres of choice in middle school, I eventually found it too boring, generic, pretentious, and in terms of sound, much too samey. God-forbid a band use any different instuments, and it seemed like the bands that did took themselves far too seriously. That being said, I've always liked Black Sabbath, and it seemed like much of the music I had been listening to lately (Violent Femmes, Beach Boys, Weezer, OTC) although more satisfying, had lost something that I love in a song-a really bad-ass riff.

Then, of course, I found "Raw Power" probably the most bad-ass album of all time. Whether it's Iggy Pop's psychotic howl versus his raspy croon in each song, the heavy yet grainy guitar tone, or the sheer quality of every riff, this album is as powerful as it sounds. Lately I've been thinking about making a list of albums that need to be played with the volume maxed out, and this is definitely a candadite for number one.

"Search and Destroy" starts the album off running, complete with terrific riffs, guitars sloppy enough to keep it from sounding too slick (another big gripe of mine when it comes to alot of metal), but technically proficient enough to put in some great leads. This is a classic punk song, with lyrics like "I am the world's forgotton boy/the one who searches and destroys". I'll admit, I still haven't gotten "Fun House", but one of the reasons I prefer this album to the Stooges' first, is that there's not only 1000% more energy and excitement, but I don't have to skip over any songs (except that slow bluesy one at the end of side A), it's a quality fucking record.

I'd have to say my favorite off this album, is of course, the song with my favorite Stooges riff. "Shake Appeal" is an essential Stooges track, complete with handclaps, a beat that will either want to make you jump around the room or punch people in the face, and the sickest riff I've ever heard. Add on Iggy's amphetemine fueled vocals and the great guitar tone that permeates through the album, and there you have it! My favorite Stooges song.

"Raw Power" for many people, can be a great gateway album. I can see punk fans and metal fans alike (although not the sort that are into the technical noodling) enjoying the shit out of this, and hopefully delving a little deeper on all the treasures to be found among the 70's underground. This was definitely a highlight of 2006 for me, and continues to be one of my favorite albums to turn the volume up all the way and piss off the neighbors. Because even though it's 35 years old, parents of all ages will still dismiss it as too loud, too pissed off, and too simple. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why The Stooges have remained one of the most relevant rock and roll bands of all time.
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