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Originally Posted by Urban Hatemonger View Post

You know I did almost exactly the same as you. I was bored of metal & one of the first non metal albums I ever picked up was Raw Power.

Do you have the original abrasive version or the horrible 'remastered' version?
The horrible remastered one of course

To be fair I've never heard the original Bowie produced version, so the remastering doesn't bother me as much because that's how I originally heard it. I do however have a CD of 'Raw Power' outtakes like "Open Up and Bleed", and "Cock in My Pocket" that includes some radio sessions of "Raw Power", "Search and Destroy" and "Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell". The latter of all those is the only one I prefer to the original, although they're all fantastic.
These is the musics I own:
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