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Default good vinyls to buy??

ok, so i have a relatively small collection of vinyls (about 120 or so). i am looking to expand for two reasons: 1) to avoid overplaying my records and 2) because music collections are best when over-done =P

i am not looking for some of the "big-hit, must-own" vinyls, but more albums that slightly rare and truely sound richer and warmer on vinyl. i am looking for suggestions that are psychedelic and relatively underground. (bands like hot tuna/klaatu/king crimson). another quality would be psychedelic artwork, again using hot tuna/klaatu/king crimson. basically just good psychedelic music haha.

here are some albums i have that pertain to this question as a guideline and so i dont get a bunch of suggestions for vinyls i already have

The Beatles - "White album" "Sgt. Peppers" "Rubber Soul" and "revolver"
Black Sabbath - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
The Doors - (self titled)
ELO - "face the music" and "new world record"
Iron Butterfly - "inna-gadda-da-vida"
Jefferson Starship "spitfire" and "red octopus"
Jean Michel Jarre - "oxygene" (sadly deteriorating from overplay =( so sad)
King Crimson - "in the court of the crimson king"
Klaatu - "?" (its the one with the sun on the front and the dark planet on the back)
Uriah Heep - "the magician's birthday" and "demons and wizards"
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