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Default The Beatles Revolver

One of the greatest Pop Albums?

You have so many elements so uncommon in pop music. You have the complex time signatures of "Good Day Sunshine" and "She Said She Said".

"Eleanor Rigby" classical chamber music with vocals and its in the rare Dorian Mode

"I"m Only Sleeping" uses a planned guitar solo written and recorded backwards

"And Your Bird Can Sing" has the pre-Queen sound of unison twin guitar attack

"For No One" classically influenced song with the use of the ancient instrument of the clavichord.

"I Want to Tell You" a nice quirky song that uses intentional dissonance

"Love You To" the first example of Non Western music form in rhythm, instrumentation and style.

"Tomorrow Never Knows" Harmonically based on Indian Music and classical avant music. It brings classical avant techniques, backward sound collages, tape loops with a upfront drum 'n' bass sound into a listenable pop song. Truly groundbreaking and ahead of its time.

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