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Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
I was referring more to mainstream country, but you're right there's always good stuff going on under the radar. The only band you mentioned there that I'm at all familiar with is Callexico, I'll have to check some of those bands out. Do you have any specific album recommendations?
I can recommend a fair bit.

Giant Sands. I am a fanatic. Love all of their music. Howe Gelb is the main man so his solo stuff counts as well. If you like a voice that is an off tune whispery cross between Dylan, Young and Lou Reed then this is for you. If push came to shove I would go for Giant Sands albums, The Love Songs, Chore Of Enchantment and Is All Over The Map. I love his latest *proVISIONS* but that is for the fan maybe. Howe Gelb has a "solo" album out called 'sno Angel Like You. A very odd amalgam of country meets gospel meets rock. Could be a good place to start.

Willard Grant Conspiracy try the Regard The End Album. All the albums I have I like but that is a good place to start. The track called The Suffering Song is brilliant.

I just love that song.

Lambchop. Damaged is a good one.

I will add a couple of others.

Jim White. He is appearing next year in my home town and I cannot wait.
Check out Transnormal Skiparoo. Top album.

Just released is an album called The Junkship recording by Texas Tea a Brisbane, Australia alt Country duo and this album has hit my best of 2008 with a bullet. Morose and dark goth country and I am unable to stop playing it. Maybe hard to get outside Australia but they do have a myspace site.
Check out Cane Farmers Song and The Ferry Song. Also the Clip for Caroline. - Texas Tea - Brisbane, AU - Country / Americana / Soul -
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