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Originally Posted by jackhammer View Post
I don't think it is neccessarily a case of not liking the mainstream but the usual point of forums such as this to discuss and share those artists that are not being discussed in the mainstream for what ever reason.

Radio stations in the main play to a strict routine (unless it's a specialist show) and music stations will play popular music that is endorsed by the major labels. Hence most of us don't want to talk about them because we can see and hear them daily.

To some this may come across as anti mainstream but it's just the fact that those sort of artists are so well known. Conversely we have many topics on many mainstream bands and frequently discuss them.

I personally listen to the music and make a decision soley on that, so some music I listen to is mainstream and some is not.
Definitely. For me, a huge component of talking to people about music is hearing about stuff that's new to me. I have nothing against, say, Tom Petty—in fact I like a lot of his music and own a couple of his albums—but how much more is there really to say about him? Not saying it's impossible to have an interesting conversation about the guy but he's such a known quantity that it's pretty hard for anyone to bring anything interesting about him to the table.

Also, popular music is a very, very small percentage of the total amount of music in the world. So for people like most of the posters on a board like this who spend a lot of time listening to all kinds of different stuff, it's pretty much inevitable that they'll wind up liking a lot of non-mainstream music.
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