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Originally Posted by sleepy jack View Post
How do you know which is god's will you follow and which isn't?
Reconciling my everyday logic and sense of morals with whatever text seems appropriate I suppose. Also, I assume that it is perhaps God's will that I simply follow my own will through life and face the consequences of the choices that I make, as I was born with a mind and sense of self after all.

In any case, a Christian by definition is simply someone who believes (or perhaps accepts) that Jesus died on the cross so that human beings could enter paradise after death without paying some kind of rediculous penance for their mistakes in life (such as sacrificing animals or valuables). Foolishness ensues when a person takes their faith and puts it in place of the common sense they were born with.

I, thankfully, have not fallen into that particular pitfall despite the culture I grew up in, for I realized quite early on that as God lies beyond human experience and that the Bible is contradictory. Hence, it's a waste of time struggling to change one's natural way of living to appeal to It.
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Trump might be the best thing since free jazz.

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