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Default Lucio Battisti

An Italian singer/songwriter. His music is definitely a bit poppy, with a lot of 'ambiance' and has this very much 80s synth vibe, a little bit similar to say...Ultravox or maybe talk talk would be a better reference (I don't think Ultravox is a good comparison though). pop with a tinch of experimentation to it.
Needless to say, this was much more earlier, during the 70s. The lyrics are completely in Italian, and some of it can be very cryptic. I don't quite understand 40% of it though, as I'm not all that familiar with the language.

Albums worth listening to
(or that's all I've heard so far) -
Il mio canto libero
Il nostro caro angelo
Anima latina

Anima latina is definitely his best. The language might be a barrier here, but try and ignore that. A thread like this fails without any means of a listen. so, clickty click. I'll post lyrics translation if I find any. Line by line translation is needed here, more than just generally describing it.
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