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If I had a time machine Id go back in time and start a band that would play all my favorite songs five years before they were released, wed be more popular than the Beatles.

As far as who I'd See?

The Velvet Underground
The Sonics
Jimi Hendrix
The Doors (That show in Miami where Jim exposes himself)
Jonathan Richman (When hed perform onstage with a guitar with two strings, while everyone assumed he was retarted)

The Modern Lovers (The first Incarnation, where Richman would often recite poetry and cry before tearing into 'Roadrunner')
NY Dolls
Sex Pistols (That show that Mark E Smith, Joy Division, Howard Devoto, and the rest of the future punk/post-punk legends caught)
The Germs
Dead Kennedys
Joy Division

Husker Du
Sonic Youth
Jesus & Mary Chain
Mission of Burma
The Dogmatics
The Vaselines
Happy Mondays
New Order

My Bloody Valentine
Pavement (Wowee Zowee era, the last moment in time when they would have no bad songs in their repetoire)
Neutral Milk Hotel (That san fransisco show where they open with 'sailing through')
Olivia Tremor Control (Black Foliage era)
Guided By Voices

Bands from the 00's I REALLY want to see:
Art Brut
Animal Collective (I could go the 20th, but I have court, not seeing animal collective is a far worse punishment than any the judge could give me)
Grizzly Bear
LCD Soundsystem

Bands Ive already seen that I get to brag about when I meet people in 20 years that want a time machine:

King Khan
of Montreal
No Age
Vivian Girls
These is the musics I own:
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