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Default Meh !

We've had threads of virtually every singe type of band there is. Over-rated , Under-rated , Influential , the best , the worst , the biggest sell outs , and so on and so on.

I think this should be a thread dedicated the the most average bands.
Bands that have never made a good or bad album.
Bands who sound like other bands but not different enough to have appeal on their own.
Bands who needed to be part of a scene to get any attention otherwise nobody would have cared.

I don't want bad I want bands where you've heard an album , thought to yourself 'that was ok' and then promptly forgot you even own it 5 minutes after you played it.

I'd like to Nominate The Arab Strap for my choice.

I own about 5 of their albums , a whole bunch of singles & EPs . I don't ever remember hating any of their songs but the only song of theirs I can even remotely remember is Girls Of Summer. And even then I can't remember it that well.

Your turn.

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