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Music. The time of inspiration. The time of dreams. The day of longing for something you may never grasp. A day in which your soul beats for the music notes and your heart pumps to the rhythm. Your hands grasp the guitar. Play the strings of instrumental sound and let your body walk free. A time in which there is no-one around. There is only sound. The sound of dreams. The sound of love. The sound of hard work and gracious attitude. A tone so loud the world stood still. Just for a moment. We wish to hear. We wish to touch. The music never fades. Our dreams never fade, only buried beneath the skin. Buried beneath the aching of the soul, the aching of one heart. A heart, which feels music, touches sound and dances to the beat. Only one day shall we feel this dream. Only one day shall we grasp the idea of the dream. Only one day, the dream will be gone.
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