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Default Top 5 Reasons why MB sucks.

1) Fanboys.

I am a Pink Floyd fanboy but I will always listen to a counter argument and will even assimilate a well written argument into a review or thoughts about a particular release. Unfortunately fanboys don't do this. They have a mental blockage to accept an inherent fault or criticism of their favourite bands. This displays a lack of short sightedness and ignorance. I am not asking anybody to change their mind about their favourite album or band when I question them. I do however expect a mature response when I profess my opinions on certain bands and my reasons for disliking certain aspects.

All of a sudden the haters become belligerent fools and are dismissed with a logical disregard to their credentials.

I am not berating music tastes here, far from it. We are all utterly individual but this holier than thou approach that many people apply to their bands is both narrow minded and counter productive.

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