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Originally Posted by boo boo View Post
C'mon, you're acting like you're going after a sacred cow here, it's f*cking Incubus, wow, you're a real rebel, you.
no you illiterate clown. I said they were decidedly not a sacred cow. If I had gone after someone that was revered, I'd be a boring attention starved douche.

Incubus is far worse than the Rolling Stones, U2, Radiohead, and Kanye West but we can't say incubus is bad because their not super popular.

Well you know what I think they suck, and I think its high time we stopped giving a band a pass because they aren't played constantly. Incubus sucks and I don't care if their Boo Boo's favorite band, i'm still mocking them at risk of whatever violation that is Big Brother.
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