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Big3, I'll get to the thread, I think you need to be more ducks back-like however. MB is what it is. I believe if people like you, me, deminoid, cardboard, rt, hammer, urban, Bulldog, jack etc etc etc there are a ton of great posters here who have great conversations about music and it's ever changing landscape. It's an open forum to all there will always be needless posts, repetitive nonsense and and a whole lot of sifting through the **** to get to the sugar, but it's always there.

I like Incubus but they have been in rapid decline for me for a decade now.

Here's a selected discography report card


Make Yourself B+

Morning View B

A Crow Left of the Murder C

Light Grenades D+

Also Big3 I don't understand fully your title "underrated failure" could you elaborate of how you feel that motto applies to the band\thread?

I think like the premise of the thread (if I understand it); I think a band like Coldplay fits the criteria you mention for me.

I despise Coldplay not because their music is awful or listenable but because it does nothing for me, seems like a safe amalgamation of popular genres new and tried and true and by all accounts the band and it's members are worthless jack-offs which makes me even less inclined to give it a second or third chance.
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i prefer foreplay. the orgasm is overrated.
If you're posting in the music forums make sure to be thoughtful and expressive, if you're posting in the lounge ask yourself "is this something that adds to the conversation?" It's important to remember that a lot of people use each thread. You're probably not as funny or clever as you think, I know I'm not.

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