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Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog View Post
Things I liked:

Lead guitarist seemed to have a sense of humor by that opening dialogue. Which I think helps with a maturing in your career.

He seemed to play fairly well, or at least knows how to give a song character.

Drummer had some interesting fills there, not just showy, but a good sense of time and the ability to fit different rhythms in a time sig.

Things I donít like:

If the song had some defining characteristics at one point, I feel like the got smoothed out to anonymity.

Iím still not entirely sure why he gave that warning up front because I canít make out the lyrics and the song doesnít seem particularly dangerous.

In the late 90ís there were bands who had a southern-bayou influence (mostly the organ) on a lot of songs, Counting Crows, Wallflowers, ect. But it was diminished. This song I feel, had the opposite. This was a southern rock song with just enough alternative influence to kill what was good about it.

the disclaimer was because the song was about a teenage sexual experience,....granted by todays hip hop standards its hardly racy,....though i guess talkin about tastein her on his fingers could be construed as such by some,.....hardly by me,...but whatever,.....

i think the lyrical content his the defining charateristic,....its a shame you can make out more of it,....

more scott miller,...cuz i love him so much

this one is for you b,...yankee that you are

i changed my mind; i changed my mind;now i'm feeling different

all that time, wasted
i wish i was a little more delicate
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my name was clementine - sarah jaffe
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