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Your entire life is a musical experience, interestly said :P. I guess what I mean is what projects in music have you done? Musicals? Band? etc. Any training. Whatever, lol, nothing important to list - just trying to fuel a conversation ;P.

So just a question for you, I have a vocal range from G3 to an F5 (I think that's right, the G below middle C to the F above middle C). So not quite a complete octave - although I could hit F3, but I don't know, its not powerful, so I don't count it.
What is that vocal range called? I think it's called a countertenor, but I searched that up and it's all in falsetto, the countertenor voice, and thats a concious choice of singing, not like using the modal voice. So what is the name of that vocal range? Also, with falsetto I could go up 2 E's past middle C.

I know, alot of questions and little knowledge :P I hope you'll help me get all these terms straight.

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