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Default Good vocalists, bad material

Pretty self explanatory. People with great voices that you never listen to because, for the most part, their songs aren't all that great.

Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star); Sometimes Always and Ha Lah are exquisite. Her voice is wonderful on the Mazzy Star stuff I've heard, but the material just drags on and on...

Otis Redding; Pain In My Heart, These Arms Of Mine, etc...great vocalizing, dreadful lyrics. Keepers? Security, Look At The Girl, I Can't Turn You Loose.

Michael Stipe (REM); Like Mazzy Star, I'd like to love REM, but I just can't. Their songs plod on and don't really say much. Eponymous does have some great tracks (Gardening At Night, Fall On Me, Talk About The Passion, maybe the original Radio Free Europe).

Elizabeth Frazer (Cocteau Twins); Candleland (the Ian McCullough song)? Wonderful. Pandora and Lorelei? Perfect. Other CT tracks? Eh.
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