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Originally Posted by ToeAndno View Post
Awesome. Keep them coming. I've yet to update my collection but I will do sometime soon, based on this.

It's just a shame that the forum members are more interested talking about Katy Perry and Radiohead
Originally Posted by 4ZZZ View Post
I have never knowingly heard a Katy Parry song and only really listened to Radiohead fleetingly. I have a huge confession in that I also have only limited listening of Elvis Costello. After this magnificent thread I will have to be rectify that.
Thanks for the feedback guys I just find it a little shocking how overlooked Elvis Costello seems to be everywhere - he's certainly one of Britain's finest musical exports in my opinion. As for Radiohead and Katy Perry, can't be helped can it. Every music forum I've come across has their favourites.

I think there's an EC megapost somewhere on the web (haven't been able to find it recently, so it might have been taken down) that's got literally every one of his albums on it (compilations, live album et al), including the very worthwhile bonus discs that came with each re-release.

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