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Default Wilco Discography Review

Although I have already reviewed Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, I was inspired by Ethan's Talkin' Bob Dylan thread some time ago and decided it was time for another great American voice to get recognition.

Jeff Tweedy is a trooper. First a member of the band The Primitives, then the member of Uncle Tupelo after lead singer of The Primitives split, and currently a member of Wilco when Jay Farrar of Uncle Tupelo and Tweedy’s relationship soured; Tweedy must think he’s pretty special, or he really does love music enough to stick around for this long. Coincidentally, I must think Wilco, the band he fronts, is pretty special to be writing an entire discography review/retrospective. Truth is I do think that Wilco are pretty special, if not solely for the fact that their 2002 effort Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was such an outstanding and distinctive album. But though Yankee Hotel was their undeniable pinnacle, their diverse discography and interesting collaborations make them more than just that band that released one of the most triumphant albums of this generation. Starting where they started, this retrospective will focus first on Wilco’s studio albums and then their live albums and collaborations.

American aquarium drinkers please sit back and relax. Review of A.M when/if thread is approved.
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