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Default yes, I agree

"So, yes, I would call this their OK Computer; their most successful album, where the band perfect its sound and hasn’t since been able to top the achievement. I would also call it their Sgt. Pepper’s LHCB for its experimentation. From this point on the band will sound more cohesive but less interesting, like the Beatles in Abbey Road."
You're right--I totally agree with your perspective now that I read your rationale. Yankee Hotel--like Sgt. Pepper's--is the band's apex in experimentation and creativity. After that, it becomes tighter, but less experimental. Thanks for your review--it makes sense to me. (Of course, Wilco is still kicking, so they might surprise us with another burst of creativity...)

I also agree that all the 'nay sayers' about Yankee Hotel who don't listen or don't listen closely, will one day be surprised by the album's rise to "classic" status.
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