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Originally Posted by jazzrocks View Post
One of the greatest Pop Albums?

Originally Posted by jazzrocks View Post
"Tomorrow Never Knows" Harmonically based on Indian Music and classical avant music. It brings classical avant techniques, backward sound collages, tape loops with a upfront drum 'n' bass sound into a listenable pop song. Truly groundbreaking and ahead of its time.
I concur 100%. "Tomorrow Never Knows" was truly before its time. The engineers at EMI worked with George Martin to develop an automatic double tracking prototype to record Lennon's vocals as well with working with Leslie Speaker cabinets for processing Lennon's voice.

What is amazing about "Tomorrow Never Knows" is that so many other bands/artists have covered the song...from David Lee Roth to Phil Collins. I think the song lends itself to many imaginative re-interpretations; thus proving how "before its time" the song is. The lyrics, derived mainly from The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, are still poignant today. I especially love the version MRI did on Where Parallel Lines Meet ( just released ) It is interesting to see that MRI brings in a political and social commentary angle into their 'rock-techno' rendition with all the George Bush audio quotes. I'm going to write an album review soon for Parallel where I will discuss "Tomorrow Never Knows" in more detail and use segments of the MRI interview from December where they discuss their fondness for The Beatles.
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