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My name is Ryu and I listen to anything I can get my hands on with one exception. I don't listen to rap (I'm not a fan of people stealing music to put bad poetry to, just my opinion.)

I came here because it seemed like the best place to increase my music connections. Hopefully gain a couple of friends who can help me with my music writing process along the way.

I play anything I can get my hands onto. I am currently going to college and actually getting lessons for guitar and piano, but my main instruments of choice are drums and my voice even though I suck at both. (Depending on who you ask that may or may not be a joke :P)

As far as who I listen to, it all depends on the week, my mood, and what instrument I am currently focus on. Generally it tends to be Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd for my guitar, Rammstein and Red Hot Chili Peppers for Vocals, The Who and Anything Jeff Plate (Savatage, Chris Caffery, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Metal Church, the list goes on and on) for Drums, Queen and Styx for Keyboards, and Primus and The Who for bass. (Just getting out different bands.)

I tend to not post frequently or talk a lot, but I hope for all my posts/conversations to be as meaningful as possible ^^.
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