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Originally Posted by toretorden View Post
If people have their healthy scepticism intact and still wanna try it despite that it costs money, that's fine with me. I wouldn't bother with it and I don't like the idea that someone might be selling placebo. If it was free, it wouldn't matter as much.

To me, it just seems too much like they are trying to sell placebo. All the tips they give you - relax, concentrate, believe, don't be distracted - are things that should help give you a placebo effect. Doing all that and concentrating on sound should also likely have a meditative effect and for those who have tried that will know that a certain feel of tingliness, heaviness and so on, is common when meditating. That along with placebo should all add to the illusion that this stuff works. It's like the perfect scheme.

Well, for me it is. I expect that if you take a group of ten people, shove'em into a spooky house, give them an ouija board and tell them the place is haunted, then they're gonna have "paranormal experiences", ghosts or not. It is also a kind of placebo effect ..

However, I'm open to the concept of ghosts. It hasn't been disproved, but it's not proven either. Aside from being biased towards science and the empirically proven in general, I would rather be proven wrong as a non-believer than as a believer. There are lots of people and products out there that try to exploit the vulnerable and the gullible. Check out this video here for example for a story about a woman who's made it her life to deceit others. And if you wanna watch something absolutely hilarious regarding ghosts, you should watch this video where they make up a ghost story connected to this old building, then invite lots of mediums and see what they all come up with .. One woman even gets possessed by the ghost they made up. I have had "ghost experiences" myself, but I think they were the product of my own imagination, really.
See now I believe in ghosts, but I don't believe in the spiritual aspect of it. (Psychics, mediums, whatnot). I never have. Although there was one time where Ghost Hunters did a reading with Jason Hawes and some random psychic and got something pretty weird, I wish I could find a video. In essence, the psychic asked the same questions psychics always do, BUT they had a thermal image camera pointed at both of them. At that point you see what looks like heat moving from Jason to the psychic, then the psychic moves his hand, and it disappears. That was the only thing I ever saw that made me question myself about them believing, but just seeing that isn't nearly enough. And about I-Doser, I know it does seem like that. But if I was in a dark room with my eyes closed and focusing on music I would either turn it off and watch TV, or go to sleep. I have HORRIBLE ADD so focusing is damn near impossible. And the one that I tried called White Crosses actually gave me physical pain. It was really bizarre. I thought it was gonna be fun, but that one wasn't. and that second video is HILARIOUS!! I love it. I can't stand psychics
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