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I tried a free "dose" from Wikipedia (it's in the article under: Binaural Beats). It was pretty interesting. I could obviously speculate that it was a placebo effect but either way I found the experience enjoyable. This sample starts with a 20Hz beat, gradually slows down to btwn. 7 and 8 Hz and then gradually speeds back up to 16hz.

As the beats slowed down, I found body warming up. I was still the whole time, lying face up on my bed. My body may have just been heating up but my heart rate increased a little and I had a euphoric feeling that increased as time went on. As the beating speed began to increase again there was a very noticeable difference in my brain activity. I didn't hallucinate in any way but my imagination began to run far more wild. This is not an uncommon thing for me when I am resting but the changing of speeds definitely seemed to act as a catalyst. I also had a very different perception of time as the increase from 8 Hz to 16 felt like at least a third of the process when in reality it was only 5 of 30 minutes.

Overall: I think that the "dose" acted as a good form of assisted meditation and I appreciated the affect it had on me, placebo or not. I'm going to try another "dose" and see what the results are. I was definitely pleasantly surprised. The Wikipedia article cleared up some questions I had, but as always Wikipedia is sketchy at best.

Binaural beats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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