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Originally Posted by Anteater View Post
Damn straight. Islands was brilliant for what it was, and it stands alone in terms of how it sounds compared to what came before and what would come later. 8.5/10 for me personally.

Looking forward to the next review Seltz!!
Originally Posted by Comus View Post
I think you're being far to harsh on Islands just as you were far to generous on In the Wake. I felt that Islands should have been released between In the Court and Lizard, it fits so well with their progression, sure it's a departure and sure it could have been so much better but it deserves at least an 8, either way great review.
Ah but ITWOP wasn't tarnished by the Letters.

I do like Islands, I just think the first half could be stronger. I guess I can justify raising it to 7.5 given that it is quite a unique album by any standards.

Originally Posted by Roemilca View Post
It's going to be a while until you get to Thrak, Starless And Bible Black, Three Of A Perfect Pair, and all of those albums. Personally Thrak was going into metal territory, as was Starless And Bible Black.
I'm quite keen to get onto reviewing Larks but work has been really drilling me lately so I haven't had the time. Though I finish in a week's time so those reviews could come more quickly than you expect.

I'm really looking forward to reviewing Red.
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