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Default iTunes wants me to commit suicide

I'm not really hoping for anybody to shed light on this but it's been going on two years of hoarding digital music and I am finally paying the price.

I've got a pretty decent external hard-drive to back everything up, I had my iTunes copying all new files to it (of course preventing me from archiving the digital files the way I wanted to). This external hard-drive was set as my iTunes music folder.

I started up this morning to find that for whatever reason iTunes was a blank slate and I had to have it search all over again for mp3 files. I directed it to the hard-drive location folder. After half an hour all my music was back in the iTunes window except ALL the tag admendments I had made were gone, leaving me with hundreds of misnumbered, un-named music files, and ofcourse some random shit missing.

On top of this, when iCunt had decided to re-boot, it erased all of my iTunes playlist information. This was where I separated all of my music by genre and in the case of rock music, decade. I did this as I accumulated music and the rock-by-decades playlists (sixties, seventies etc) took many, many hours of scrolling and dragging.

I am livid and fed up, I knew I was putting too much stock in something so fleeting and material but it kept me sane. It's not the end of the world if you have a meaningful existence, which I don't, and at least the music is still there, I was just wondering if iTunes has screwed of many of you saps?

I imagine there are possible solutions - resetting the computer to a previous date, I also think iFuck saves and stores old library data but the thought of having to trawl the endless help forums again... I'd rather take a razor blade to my scrotum.

So, feel free to deposit your anti-iTunes bile in this shitty thread. And if anybody tells me I should have used winamp (been there, hated it), I will... make disparaging remarks about your relatives

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