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Originally Posted by The Unfan View Post
Its like Porcupine Tree that your mother can sing along to.
I personally don't agree at all. Porcupine Tree mostly does the standard "verse-chorus-verse-choruse" song progression, and I hesitate to even call most of their songs "prog". Spock's Beard on the other hand, especially their epics, like "At the End of the Day" or "The Great Nothing" from this album, are incredible journeys through time and space. No, but seriously, if you like 15+ minute songs you should check out this album, since they're among the best epics I've ever heard, definitely up there with the best of Yes and Genesis.

Originally Posted by jackhammer View Post
If it is anything like the album 'Snow' then I'm not going to like it.
They're the same band, so obviously the style is similar. Snow is a lot more pop/song oriented though, and much more drawn out. There are shorter songs on V too, but you should get it for the super-awesome epics!
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