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The Kaleidoscope - Faintly Blowing


1. Faintly Blowing
2. Poem
3. Snapdragon
4. Story From Tom Bitz
5. Love Song From Annie
6. If You So Wish
7. Opinion
8. Bless The Executioner
9. Black Fjord
10. Feathered Tiger
11. I'll Kiss You Once
12. Music
13. Do It Again For Jeffrey
14. Poem
15. Balloon
16. If You So Wish

When they were good they were on par with Pink Floyd and certainly the equals of The Pretty Things, The Kaleidoscope were formed in England's South East in the sixties and would later change their name to The Fairfield Parlour. But before the name change they released two belting and shockingly under appreciated albums on the Fontana Record Label.

The Kaleidoscope had already achieved a reputation at Fontana for being one of the most hardworking bands on their books. Putting in time and effort to get the sound as rounded and as perfect as possible, staying clear of the pretentious world of stimulants and all the while maintaining a touring schedule with live shows which had the audience lapping them up. To top it all they were never short of radio play either, both on pirate or at the hallowed halls of the BBC. It therefore comes as a surprise that The Kaleidoscope are now really only known in collector circles.

Later in this Journal we shall be revisiting this band for their debut, Tangerine Dream from 1967, which is certainly not overshadowed by the other Psychedelic efforts from that year. But it is to the follow up; Faintly Blowing from 1969 that we turn to today, with The Kaleidoscope at their pinnacle and most effortless.

Faintly Blowing begins with the title track and outlines that The Kaleidoscope are as gorgeous and trippy as they ever were. Track 2 then follows as it often does, but with Poem we have one of the most beautiful songs ever to be etched onto a piece of vinyl, it's just lovely. Snapdragon and The Story from Tom Bitz follow on nicely with a very, only in England poetic and psychedelic style.

Its then to Track 5, A Love Song For Annie, which should have you dear listener noticing that The Kaleidoscope are not your typical band from the period, no description could do this song justice, so I won't bother. Similarly Do It Again Jeffrey stands out from the crowd too, as a song it is just sheer brilliance. Both these songs and it has to be said, the entire album, will have you perplexed by the ultimate question; "why have I not heard of this band before?"

I'm hopeful that with a little bit of word of mouth, with this Internet thingy and the ever-increasing movement to re-examine these forgotten bands, that we can re-address these crimes of history. You personally can start by buying this album and telling your friends about how unbelievably marvellous it is. Enjoy
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