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shan, you make a good point, but it kind of just illustrates what i was saying. in my opinion, you can't truly love someone after only knowing them for two weeks. I think that the reason people have accepted this as a possible scenarion is because we have decreased the real meaning of the word by using it to describe so many feelings. personnally, i only have a few people in my life whom i could honestly say i love. my immediate family, and a few of my closest friends, whom i've known for years now. Of course i have many other friends, but my bond with them isn't as special, so i wouldn't honeslty say that i loved them. to me, love is a feeling that can't be developped in only a few weeks, it needs to be built on a foundation of trust and shared experiences. of course we all use the word love to describe almost everything (myslef included). i find myslef using it for everything, "i love that song, ot that outfit, ot that car." so i guess i'm kind of contradicting myslef by just writing that. however, when it comes to people, and my relationships with them, i'm much more careful when using that word. the love between two people (be it friendship or romantic) is so much stronger than the passion you experience for other things, like music or a sport. I don't think that it's a problem when people use it to define their liking of certain things, like music, hobbies, clothes, or whatever. it's when they start to use it to denote their relationships with other people that it tends to be overused. (and just to note, if this post doesn't really make sense, and there's alot of rambling, keep in mind that i'm really sick at the moment, and completely hopped up on day-quil)
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