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If the only output your music player has is a headphone output jack, then you'll need a Y cable: One end is a 1/8 mini stereo connector which splits into two 1/4 mono connectors. Google "Y cable" and get an idea of what I'm talking about.

You put the 1/8 connector into your music player's headphone out jack. The remaining two 1/4 mono connectors will go into two separate channels on your mixer, let's say, Channel 1 and 2.
Next, pan channel 1 and 2 away from eachother fully left & right.
Your speakers should be connected to the main outputs on your mixer.
Test your audio to ensure that your left/right channels aren't backwards. If they are, simply swap the inputs on channels 1 and 2, or pan the opposite way. (usually the red connector is the right one and the white or gray connector is the left)

If you're trying to use a "headphone splitter" then you're not going to get seperation between left and right channels because each headphone jack is wired for stereo.

You need a Y cable that splits a stereo signal into two separate mono signals.

Hope that helps.
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